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It really is a simple three step process to access the Market Samurai promo code that will save you over $50 (35%) off their retail price!

  1. Download Their Software

    Market Samurai allow you to trial their software, and before they will let you access the Market Samurai promo code, they first want you to trial their software!

    Signup And Download Market Samurai Here

  2. Install And Run Market Samurai

    I am extremely surprised when I look at the statistics of the people who have signed up for the Market Samurai download, because only about half of you have actually downloaded the software.

    The Market Samurai discount is build into the software, so unless you download and install the software, you will not be able to access the promo code!

  3. Take Advantage Of The Promo Code Quickly

    Once you install the software, you only have a couple of days to take advantage of the Market Samurai discount before the price goes back up to $149.

    But it is extremely easy to find the discount. All you have to do is install Market Samurai, run the program, and you will be presented with the offer through the software!