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Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner and as I have said before. They way the World is will be no more. During this past weekend I had the chance to really reflect and see what I could see through the Eyes of others. While I read through my Primary Companies New ” Your Business at  Home Magazine” It hit to me like a ton of bricks.

While Reading one of the Articles I came across a passage that reads –

A good education leads to a good job and a satisfying lifestyle – Old School Thinking

There is no such thing as a safe job – New Way of thinking

Work Hard, and your income will increase – Old School Thinking

A good education will saddle you with student loan debt, and it’s no guarantee you’ll good job – New Way of thinking

Stay loyal to your company, and it will stay loyal to you – Old School Thinking

Forget Loyalty; it’s ever man for himself – The New Way of Thinking

Each Generation will outperform the last generation and build on their success – Old School Thinking

Young People today will not do as well financially as their parents – The Way of Thinking

So what does this all mean – Well here it is – Start Shifting your “Mindset” toward future thinking. The old ways are what they are, OLD. We must realize that we all have to unite for a Common Cause to better us as a self-generating revenue source for our future fortunes. The job market is not so trusting anymore. Many will continue to trust into the old way of thinking but, this will continue their path of ignorance. More times than most I can offer a solution to a future problem to so many but they always seem to turn their nose up and never truly believe until something interrupts the grand plan that was thought to be a Guarantee – The Job Plan. It is going to happen just like the Internet, Social Media and Technology.

With the way the world does business now, the world has become more of a Virtual Real Estate Business. With all the advances in technology why would you not want your piece of the Pie. Take hold and prepare to change all that you have come to know in this New Age World. Each year that passes will bring us closer to those futuristic cartoons and movies from Visions of Futures past. The Videophone, Cellphone, and Digital Android Revelation has come to pass. CU-3000 – Globalinx launched this awesome product to Distributors in January of 2010 with the intentions of changing the way we communicate with the world. allowing us the freedom of being able to see loved ones overseas or right down the street – do to the launching of Video Telepathy.

It is these things that are changing the was we continue to grow as people. So be sure to ask yourself this question. When will it be my time to Change. Will it be sooner than later.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

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Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner here to inform you all that there will be massive Changes to this Blog Site – It is now time to go Hosted and also to give you the quality content that you are all seeking.

Well now that this is out-of-the-way, let’s go into a Blog that I would like to call ” The Golden Pallet”. Last week during a time that I do go to a J.O.B. – I ran into a Young Man that drives around all day seeking out pallets from businesses and warehouses. For the past months or company acquired over 60 pallets that did not have a home so, I contacted the young man to see if he would like to acquire the pallets.

Well it comes to find out that this young man not only was looking for pallets but would pay you a dollar per pallet. To most people this would not make a bit of sense to have wooden pallets for sale but, in his case it was more than just paying you for pallets. Unknown to me at the time this young man was making a fortune flipping pallets. The Wooden Pallet Manufactures created the products that would go out and be used. Once the item was consumed, most businesses would just throw them out (wooden pallets).

To my amazement, what this young man would do is gather up all the pallets then pay you a dollar for them. Next he would go back to those manufactures and resale them for up to 4 dollars per pallet. Pretty smart if I must say. Going a little deeper I found out that on an average day he would acquire up to 600 pallets. Well if you are not Big on man then here it is – 600.00 to acquire – 2400.00 – profit – In one day and he does this 5 days a week – Grand Total = 12,000.00 a week. So what is the point you may ask?

Well here is the point. Wooden Pallet Recycling is a very lucrative business and most people are not Willing to take the effort to do what he is doing. Basically he has found a Key Niche that most others would never think about doing. The reasons why are – It takes Time – It takes long hours – It takes Heart to be able to go out there and find something that most would normally over look each and everyday.

So lets put this into prospective of your Business. This “Golden Pallet” inspiration should give you an Idea of what it truly takes to go to the next level in business. The world changes the same way Business Changes. When you see that something is not working then you need to take the time to evaluate the situation and adapt and overcome. We as Marketers and affiliate Marketers sometimes are so closed-minded to change that we get left in the past.

One you start something that seems so difficult in the Beginning after time it Becomes Second Nature and then it becomes easier to Teach to others. Once you become a master to what you love then you will love to continue to teach and learn more about the thing that brings you much joy out of life. Make each new thing and each new day a learning experience and you will go very far in life and in Business.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology


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What Defines a Leader

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Business
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Greeting Readers,

This is Marc Turner with a question that I would love to have Answered.

What Defines a “Leader”.

Last Night During a  Web-meeting, I was given some information about a surprise  Web meeting that I needed to get on the same time. Well at the Time I had already planned Webinars for the Entire week.

What happen in my mind was what True Leaders would do. You stay to the Course that you have set for you and Your Future Business Partners and Leaders. You do not and I repeat you do not Every Change what you have at the Last minute and even worst, You never Cancel appointments.

What is it that Defines a Leader?

A Leader will Read.

A Leader will Stay the Course.

A Leader will Continue to Improve Themselves.

So do you think you have more to Add to what it is that Defines a Leader?

Make sure that you leave your Comments and Please feel Free to let it be know what it is that you See as a “True Leader”.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

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Greetings readers,

This is Marc Turner ready to upgrade your mindset. When you think of how the future is changing and so many are changing with it, it makes you wonder how far we can really go with it.

More and more people are finding new was to build wealth and change the history of their families that it may appear to be to much to handle. Well here is some outstanding news for you. Time is on your side and if you know how to spend it wisely,  you can do extraordinary things.

Take the time to reflect on what you truly desire out of life. Look at your family, stop making excuses to why you can’t do something and make it a reality.

You will really open your mindset to things that you never knew that could be accomplished.

Thank you,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Tech
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