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Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner and as I have said before. They way the World is will be no more. During this past weekend I had the chance to really reflect and see what I could see through the Eyes of others. While I read through my Primary Companies New ” Your Business at  Home Magazine” It hit to me like a ton of bricks.

While Reading one of the Articles I came across a passage that reads –

A good education leads to a good job and a satisfying lifestyle – Old School Thinking

There is no such thing as a safe job – New Way of thinking

Work Hard, and your income will increase – Old School Thinking

A good education will saddle you with student loan debt, and it’s no guarantee you’ll good job – New Way of thinking

Stay loyal to your company, and it will stay loyal to you – Old School Thinking

Forget Loyalty; it’s ever man for himself – The New Way of Thinking

Each Generation will outperform the last generation and build on their success – Old School Thinking

Young People today will not do as well financially as their parents – The Way of Thinking

So what does this all mean – Well here it is – Start Shifting your “Mindset” toward future thinking. The old ways are what they are, OLD. We must realize that we all have to unite for a Common Cause to better us as a self-generating revenue source for our future fortunes. The job market is not so trusting anymore. Many will continue to trust into the old way of thinking but, this will continue their path of ignorance. More times than most I can offer a solution to a future problem to so many but they always seem to turn their nose up and never truly believe until something interrupts the grand plan that was thought to be a Guarantee – The Job Plan. It is going to happen just like the Internet, Social Media and Technology.

With the way the world does business now, the world has become more of a Virtual Real Estate Business. With all the advances in technology why would you not want your piece of the Pie. Take hold and prepare to change all that you have come to know in this New Age World. Each year that passes will bring us closer to those futuristic cartoons and movies from Visions of Futures past. The Videophone, Cellphone, and Digital Android Revelation has come to pass. CU-3000 – Globalinx launched this awesome product to Distributors in January of 2010 with the intentions of changing the way we communicate with the world. allowing us the freedom of being able to see loved ones overseas or right down the street – do to the launching of Video Telepathy.

It is these things that are changing the was we continue to grow as people. So be sure to ask yourself this question. When will it be my time to Change. Will it be sooner than later.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

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Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner with a New Blog Post about your life and what it takes to Accomplish your Dreams.

I took a Break yesterday to recharge my mindset. While wasting the day away I say something that caught my attention on TV. Now I really do not have allot of time for Television but, a movie that I had not really have not had the pleasure of viewing came on. The name of the movie is “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Will Smith take the lead man roll in this Awesome movie of Motivation.

During the movie many examples of fear and loss and determination came to surface themselves. Women, if you have a Man with a Dream and you hold him back, then you maybe held back. Men, make sure that you communicate with your loved ones. If you ever feel that you are being held back from your Dreams then, You really need to understand the problems and deal with them. Most that are seeking a better way never truly have a “Vision” of where they are going.

With the advent of Technology and the ever changing world, most will never truly take advantage of there goals and Dreams. The fear of change and the unknown are what cause allot of people to hold back from what it is that they truly want to be in life. The main concern that most will face will be how to get to the Destination.

People it is time for you to go out and take advantage of the Future and stop making excuses on why you can not do something and just do it. Life is a mystery that can never be solved. While you still have life going through you, take it all in and live the life that you deserve to live. Most people never truly understand what it means to Pursuit your Dreams because of Fear but never let that take away the Victory of Achieving.

The more that you can complete and lay claim to Achieving in this wonderful life that we have chosen to lead, the closer that you will be to your ultimate goal in life. “Success”.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

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Omega Surpreme

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Business, Your Lifestyle

Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner and I want to give you advice on Your Omega supreme.

If you have ever been a fan of Transformers Generation 1, there was a Autobot that was more powerful than all of them combined. His name was Omega supreme – The Thing about this robot was that he had multiple functionalities.

The Biggest advantage of this Robot was the Power that he had over smaller Robots. This came from Years of “Experience” and a Leadership ability that was cultivated through eons of Training.

Well I know that we do not have that long to become a True Leader but while we are on this Earth, we need to take time out of our lives and Learn to Grow and Learn Each and Everyday. Your Business mindset is Created through the Power of Reading, Learning and Cultivation of our Weaknesses into Strengths.

Most will Never Truly understand because life is to hard and things that happen effect the outcome of their situation. Never become the person that never Grows from Years ignorance and Learn to Grow from those that are where you want to be.

You have 1 life that is yours and the only thing that is owed to you is what ever you desire to have.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

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Full Focused

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Your Lifestyle
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Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner and I wanted to make sure that I share with you all what it takes to get focused.

Put yourself in a Place where nothing bothers you and where you can have a sense of Clarity. You should be able to master your surroundings and focus clearly on the task that you have ahead of you.

Take a moment to think what you Truly desire in life and make this a Picture that burns into the very Fabric of your Soul. Bring Balance to all things that are part of life.

You will be challenged and your focus has to be “Laser Like”.

More to come in the future.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner and I had a Wonderful Dream Last Night.

We all seem to Dream Better than we Live and that is a Funny Thing. Well back to what we came here for.

The Dream was about the Evolution of Man and things that we have come to embrace over the Years. Change happens and it changes  Each and everyday Shaping Our Futures.

Could you imagine a World with no More Poverty and More Self Independence?

Could you imagine people helping Others to make it to the Next Level of Life without any type of Hatred for One another?

The Dream I had showed me this type of Future but as soon As I woke up, I was back in the Real World.

From this Dream what I learned was that we can make our Dreams a Reality only if we are willing to Fight for the Future. What is it that you are living for each and Everyday.

Living does not Mean that you are So Focused on Your Job that you Truly Believe that you are Living. Living is the Freedom to Live Life to the Fullest. Do not just settle for what you have now. Go out and Fight for the Future and make Living worth Wild.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

Cell: 706-505-0583


Not sure if you’ve heard this news yet but Oprah Winfrey, by far the top female Entrepreneur (and definitely the richest) has launched the largest Personal Growth & Development project in existence.

Be sure to pay close attention here…

This past Monday night Oprah launched the “first ever” worldwide interactive web cast from every corner of the planet which became one of the largest single online events in the history of the Internet! More than 500,000 people simultaneously logged on to watch Oprah Winfrey and best selling author of The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle, live.

Oprah calls it “the most exciting thing she’s ever done and what she believes to be the most important subject of our time”…

Over the next ten weeks starting this week she will be conducting ten weekly online study sessions with Eckhart Tolle. They will be discussing and studying his recently released, breakthrough NEW book: A New Earth. Their aim is to explore through the teachings of this book the most important question you can ever ask yourself…

“What is the purpose of my life and how do I fulfill that purpose?”

(Being able to understand this question and identify with it will determine EXACTLY how much success you will achieve in your life both personally and professionally. That’s a fact.)

Eckhart Tolle says:

“It will be a course in self-exploration and awakening. It will help you see what the dysfunctional patterns are within yourself that create unnecessary conflict and suffering and prevent you from finding true fulfillment. Hopefully, it will also help you access a dimension within yourself that perhaps you didn’t know existed or only caught glimpses of on rare occasions.

Don’t be trapped for the rest of your life within the narrow confines of your personal history and your conditioned personality and allow your life to be transformed from within, through the power of consciousness itself.”

Pretty powerful topics to say the least. I’m not so sure anyone is in a position NOT to take part in this FREE weekly web cast:

Details at Oprah’s site here –>

Every Monday 8pm CST.
10 weeks, 10 chapters – A New Earth….Maybe even a new YOU?

Don’t miss it! Get in on week 1 right now. Its only Thursday. Still plenty of time…

I just checked out the first week’s lesson the other day and the content is outstanding and will definitely open your eyes to some areas of your life that may be holding you back…

Even if you can’t make the Monday night live web cast each week you will have the option following the event to download the recording to iPod video, download an mp3, listen to the recording on your computer, or download a pdf transcript. So NO excuses not to set aside time each week!

You may never get the chance again to study alongside Oprah Winfrey, one of this Century’s most important and successful Entrepreneurs, AND ask her questions LIVE from your computer each Monday night. Imagine that…

Get involved! And get out there and achieve some breakthroughs in your life starting NOW.

Details at Oprah’s site here –>

Thank You,

Marc Turner -Moneytrain Technology

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Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner and it has been a while but I am Back. Well to tell you all why I have been away so long would make you not ever want to be in Business for yourself. I have been putting together everything possible to start making things work in Business.

It is very much worth it. The Drive Factor and the Dream Factor are your 2 Biggest weapons if you want to Win at anything that you do. Learning that you have to become more and more each day is a Factor that is so important that you can basically destroy yourself in Business.

Let me explain – If you are the Leader, what is it that makes you such a good leader?

You go to all the meetings?

You go to all the Events?

You are a master in your Business?

All wrong – What is going to make you the Best leader is also being a Student of Failure and Success at the Same Time. You win you get Excited – You lose you get down.

Can anyone relate? Well this is the most important information that I can give you that can Help you – Treat each day of wins and loses the same – Just like another day.

You are the Truth in the World that you Create and you need to understand that in order to be at the TOP, you got to remember when you where at the Bottom.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

Cell: 706-505-0583


Greetings readers,

This is Marc Turner ready to upgrade your mindset. When you think of how the future is changing and so many are changing with it, it makes you wonder how far we can really go with it.

More and more people are finding new was to build wealth and change the history of their families that it may appear to be to much to handle. Well here is some outstanding news for you. Time is on your side and if you know how to spend it wisely,  you can do extraordinary things.

Take the time to reflect on what you truly desire out of life. Look at your family, stop making excuses to why you can’t do something and make it a reality.

You will really open your mindset to things that you never knew that could be accomplished.

Thank you,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Tech
Cell: 706-505-0583