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Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner with some Vital information for your ongoing success in Direct Sales and things that you will need to Reach Top Levels in your Primary Business. Recently I was asked what I was doing to grow my MLM business because of the fact that I do not go to all the meetings and all the special events.

Well this is what has been happening with me. I start realizing that most people are just running around in the streets recruiting anyone and anything that they can get into their Primary Business Opportunity. While Building my Home Based Business I discovered that there are better ways to grow than just running around and chasing after unqualified prospects. There are some network marketing tools that I discovered through affiliate marketing solutions.

Affiliate marketing is a means of promoting a website, in which an affiliate is paid for each sale they deliver.

In Affiliate marketing, there are several methods to earn income. Even if one of the methods can direct you to a lucrative moneymaking business, the extensive work and learning can be so overwhelming that by the time you realized it, you are already burnt out nearly before you even get started. In that case, the unmanageable want to put off the task sets in.
This is usually what happens to most beginning affiliates-to-be when they start their journey. It can eventually direct them to think that only some of the Internet pros are able to see success utilizing affiliate Marketing. There are many forms of affiliate Marketing such as PPC or Pay-Per-Click which you can see on most Social Media Networks and Google. Also there are Online Marketing Campaigns that function with lead capture pages that generate quality and qualified leads. Also there are online e-mail marketing campaigns that are developed through continuous list building via e-mail.
affiliate Marketing may sound like an overwhelming task but it truly is not. Also never think that because you are a newbie that you can not accomplish the task at hand. Everyone can become proficient as long as they stick to a game plan. Never think that you need a Super Degree  to become successful.
With most people who are in a Direct Sales business that do not Generate th type of monies that they Dream of in the beginning, affiliate Marketing can put income in your Pocket immediately while you are Building your primary business to the levels that you desire.

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Greetings readers,

This is Marc Turner ready to upgrade your mindset. When you think of how the future is changing and so many are changing with it, it makes you wonder how far we can really go with it.

More and more people are finding new was to build wealth and change the history of their families that it may appear to be to much to handle. Well here is some outstanding news for you. Time is on your side and if you know how to spend it wisely,  you can do extraordinary things.

Take the time to reflect on what you truly desire out of life. Look at your family, stop making excuses to why you can’t do something and make it a reality.

You will really open your mindset to things that you never knew that could be accomplished.

Thank you,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Tech
Cell: 706-505-0583

This is Marc Turner and I wanted to share a Thought with you all that are Currently in a Direct Sales Business but are truly not Growing your Business.

Most people that Start out in Direct Sales really do not understand Business because of the Long Term Mindset they have developed for the Job they currently maintain.

We all have gone through it and some really never change. When you look at your Job, here are some of the Factors that we can all relate to.

1. You know what Time you have to be at work

2. You know what has to be done when you are at work

3. You understand the Hours that you have to “Give” in order to get a certain Pay.

4. You know when you can take a Lunch Break (and for how long)

5. You know what time you get off

6. And most important, You know when the Weekend Begins and Ends

Well these same Principles are why so many people in Direct Sales Never Win. You have to think of your Business as You would think of your Job.

Here is what you need to do in order to Grow in your Business or Opportunity. Make the Business as just as important as the Job but, Make a Mindset Change.

If you understand your comp plain and you understand that Working and studying are involved to become successful, then you can make forward progress in any business that you are in.

Remember that it takes time to master business just like when you started your J.O.B.
You also need to make sure that you Study “New Avenues of Approach”

The Biggest Difference is, the Job you had to master to learn how to do certain things and you did not learn them in one day. You are not a Millionaire at your J.O.B. and also there is little room for people at the Top at Your Job.

In Your Business, the more you learn and know then the more that you can grow not just your Business but Yourself. Everything takes Time to Learn and Master – But you have to keep Studying to remain Knowledgeable(Very Important)

I want to thank you all and I hope that I do see you all at the TOP!!!!

Thank You,
Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

Good Morning Readers,

This is Marc Turner with something to make you Really Think about you Business.

Think of this for one moment and make sure that you read it all and take it in.

When you are shopping in the Store for you Favorite Brand of Cereal ( Brand is Key) and you get to the Cereal Isle, you come across you favorite Brand Name Cereal. You look a the Box and you can relate to the Characters of your Childhood and you know that this is the Best Brand and you will never change.

Now check this out – Right next to the Brand Name ( Remember Brand is Key) there is a Generic Version of your Favorite Cereal. You really never pay attention to it because you could care less about it.

Now lets take it further to really test your knowledge of your Cereals – Coco Pebbles – If you do not know this Cereal then where have you been – You know that there is always that Generic Version that is there and it looks similar in many ways but, have you ever tried it?

Well check this out – If you took those same two brands of Cereal and put them in Bowls and tasted them – Most of the Time you could not Tell the Difference. This is why Branding is so important is your Business.

If you all look the Same with your Business then why would someone pick you as a Leader over someone else?

This is the Reason why Branding Yourself is Very Important.

To be able to attract people to you and your Business/Opportunity you have to be able to Stand out as the Brand name that people associate with when it comes to you.

I hope that this makes it easier for you all to understand the Importance of separating yourself from the masses and makes you Truly think of what you want for the Future of your Business – Online and Offline.

Marc Turner – Moneytraintechnology

Greetings Readers,

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Thank You,

Marc Turner

Greetings Readers,

This is Info that you Need to Know!!

Why is it that when we walk outside we never see Dinosaurs.

We Already know the Answer but if you Really look they are Still here. They come in the Form of People that Really

Never Change and learn to Change with the Times.

When it comes to Business, there are Millions of people who that have small Business that are still using old Tactics to

make sale happen but not changing their format. They think that they still can grow their Business without using the

Technology that is Provided.  These people will continue to lose Ground and everyday, Like the Dinosaurs will lose

Time. They Ground that could have been Gained will continue to be lost.

From my Readings I can tell you and share with you these important Facts:

1. Your Competitors are Smarter

2. The internet is Here to Stay

3. You are not a marketer unless you are Using the Internet

4.Anyone that has a True interest can learn how to use the Internet.

You have to in this New Age Become a Knowledge Base of Wealthy Data to be even close to Reaching your Goals.

Good Day Readers,

This is Marc Turner and I want to ask Everyone a Very serious and Understandable Question –

Why is it when you talk to a Person in Business that is not Doing so well and then you ask them “How is your Business Doing”, they say this – Business is doing Great – When you know that their Business is not doing so Great?

Lets go back and Break that Down – The Company is Doing Great but how is YOUR Buisness DOing – Most of the Time out of Pride, People instead of asking for help and looking for another Avenue of Approach will rather make you believe that they are doing well all the Time – Well that is not true.

We all go through it and so will You. So when you are being open with people that are in the Same Industry that you are make sure that you check this out – If you are doing so well then that means that you are a Master Trainer –

If your business is Doing so well then you have just Surpassed your Job income –

If you are just getting Started – Then you Truly need to start asking Questions of Leadership

And if you are Leadership – Start Training on the New ways of Building Business.

We all want to be Free but what happens is that we get so caught up in Pride that we fail to say the Truth – What is Your Truth – If you are making things happen why Not share the Master Key To Riches.

Look inside of you and Give Value not a Pitch – Give a hand and not a Hand Out – And for the Life of everyone in Business – Never ever let anyone ( Family,Friends…) Tell you what you can not do because they Would not.

Thank You

Marc Turner – (

You are thr Leader – So whats stopping you Dream

This is Marc Turner,

What is it that Really hurts you in Business? Do you Truly understand your Business and your Comp Plan?

These are Questions that you need to ask yourself before you start out in Business. Direct Sales

Network Marketing is a method of distribution and compensation that has been utilized in the United States for over 50 years and which is now spreading across the world. The Direct Selling Association (DSA), based in Washington, DC, represents the Network Marketing industry. The DSA has existed for more than 100 years.

There are in excess of 1,000 Network Marketing firms that distribute over $100 billion a year in goods and services. It is estimated that eight to ten million Americans are either part-time or full-time distributors. Tens of millions more are customers.

The myth

Network Marketing does not work. The big guys make all the money off the little guys.

Well, Network Marketing DOES work. What usually does not work is a particular company, product or distributor. You must decide for yourself whether you work or your chosen company works or the product works.

Let’s consider the concept of big guys versus little guys. Usually the people who perpetuate this myth are those who define fairness in terms of everyone receiving the same benefits regardless of their contribution or effort.

In Network Marketing, the people who attract, train and motivate the most people earn the most money. If you sell/consume $100 worth of product yourself each month, plus you build an organization of 100 people who do the same, you will earn a great deal more-100 times more than the person who only sells/consumes $100 per month. Now, that’s fairness! Why should someone earn as much as you if they’re not making the same effort that you are?

What is a pyramid?

It is an organizational structure where the people at the top make more money than those beneath them. This describes every conventional company in existence! The problem with the conventional company is this: there exists a structure whereby the CEO generates income from the efforts of each person below, but those workers do not have the opportunity to earn as much as, or more than, the CEO.

Have you ever heard of a general worker [GW] who makes more than the CEO or the General Manager [GM]? Does middle management ever make more than the company’s senior management does? Not typically! The old model just isn’t fair for those underneath. No matter what their effort, they can never make more than those above them can. The pyramid is not equitable.

In Network Marketing however, you are building an income from the production of everyone in your organization whether you directly sponsored [a sponsor is one who recruits and trains another distributor.] them or not. Each person in your organization can do the same, so now you have created a situation where everyone has the same amount to gain. It’s the fairest structure available because everyone can create exactly the same situation. And in fact, due to the nature of Network Marketing, people under you can and do in some cases, earn more than you simply because they can access levels that you cannot. Everyone can reach down into their organization the exact same number of levels. If someone has created more volume in their levels than you have in yours, and some of those levels are beyond your ability to reach them, that person can actually make more than you can, even though they are UNDER you!

This makes it the absolute FAIREST system available because it compensates people based on their contributions and efforts, not based on where they fall in the system. Once again, why should someone earn as much as you if they’re not making the same effort that you are?

Can it work?

The best way to make network marketing work is to learn and duplicate the same methods, tested and tried by those who have achieved success using them.

There are New Methods are Avaliable as long as you are willing to Change with the Times – Online marketing allows you to Break Down Borders that you may have never thought about. – All the Secrets to Online Marketing are at your Finger Tips. is a good resource because some of the big names in the network marketing arena (e.g. Don Failla, Dr. Joe Rubino, Len Clements, Lisa Jimenez, Tom “Big Al” Shreiter, Michael Clouse, et al) give straight answers when they were given a real-life challenge ie. how will they carry out their prospecting strategies if they have to build their business from scratch, if all their downlines were taken away from them.