Understanding VOIP

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Business, Technology

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Allot of people truly and do not understand the Future of telecom services. The old phone lines of yesteryear are all becoming a thing of the past. Enter the New Era of VOIP.

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol or just a fancy way if saying “Digital Phone” service. This new technology takes away the high cost that traditional phone providers charge. VOIP does the same job as old phone lines but with out the extra cost or hidden service fees.

Instead of having filters and having to deal with long phone cords all over that set you up for an accident or worse,VOIP is connected to a box that you can purchase or get through a provider. You can call this a mini modem or digital adapter. This device connects using a high-speed/broadband internet source.

Do not get overwhelmed, the set up is truly simple. The plugins are self explanatory and usually come with detailed instructions on proper set-up. Simply plug the Voip device or Modem into your current cable/dsl modem(Dsl that runs your internet using phone service needs to have a dry loop installed) and your computer. It is equipped with a phone jack for your Regular phone.

After connecting the Voip device or digital adapter, you have just cut the cost of your phone service. So what does this mean you may ask, “How did that just cut my phone Cost?”. Because of the technology, this service will not only benefit your pockets ( Service plans start @ 14.99) but it will benefit the way that you call others.

Here are some benefits of utilizing Voip or Digital Phone Service:

1. Voice Mail

2. Caller ID

3. Email alerts you of voice mail

4. Computer Dialing

5. Being able to keep your phone number – Forever

6. Location Free Usage – Take the Device anywhere there is a broadband internet or high-speed internet connection.      The Device has your Number programmed inside so it does not matter where you are on the World or in the Country,    It will ring as long as you have it plugged in and ready to use.

The list could go on and on. The great thing is that you get more features using Voip for one low price. It has been better for allot to use voip compared to using  the big time telecom providers. No more charging for deregulation taxes. Basically what I am saying is that for one low rate you get more for your buck. That is what makes the service great and yes its sounds just as good as traditional phone services.

But, now is the time to capitalize of this awesome technology. What if you get just a piece of a 15billion dollar opportunity to become like the telephone companies? What it you could get paid every time someone pays their phone service, lights, gas , security systems,cellphones and what ever else we can talk about that is Technology Based? Would you take the Opportunity? Would Fear Stop you? Would loved ones reticule you and tell you that you are crazy.

Well if those things scare you then you need to not going any further and thank you for reading.

But, if you can understand the picture that has been painted then please continue.

Digital Phone service is becoming the normal and a lot of people are truly understand what this next decade will allow us. There are a lot of opportunities that allow you to take part in this Wealth Trend estimated to Hit over 55million house holds by 2013 and estimated at generating over 15billion in annual returns.

Well if you Truly want to know more about what I know then lets make sure that we all stay connected so that we can understand the future and the positive insights.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Tech

Cell: 706-505-0583

Sites of interest – http://www.moneytraintechnology.com



  1. shuronica says:

    Very Clear, Concise, and well written!

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