And Here’s the Pitch

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner and I wanted to take you all “Out to the Ball Game”.

I am not talking about the Baseball field if you are thinking that. What I wanted to talk about is the way that most people conduct business.

Have you ever had that “Sales Pitch” thrown at you. You can see it coming form a mile away. Most people that are in sales never realize that they are canning their pitch everytime they open their mouths.

Now lets look at a Pitcher on the mound going against a hitter – The Pitcher is the Sales Man and the Hitter is the Prospect. Make sure that you can imagine this. Oh by the way do not forget the Business Coaches – The Catcher and the Umpire.

So what happens when we are playing Baseball? First the Pitcher takes his position on the Mound and is being giving “Signals or Signs ” for the Hitter(Prospect) so that he will know what type of Pitch he has to throw. Now understand that Being the Pitcher (Business Man/Woman) you have to be able to read the signs that are given to you for the type of “Pitch” that you are about to excecute.

Well here is what is happening in the Real world. The Business Man that is fresh and has no coaching will just keep pitching to the wrong people or pitch to the right people and out pitch themselves. The Key to winning is to be able to understand the situation and be able to read the Plays as they are being presented to you.

The Umpire ( Business Trainer or Upline) should always be giving you some type of signal to when you should throw a fastball or slowball, slider, screwball or any other type of Pitch.

The Catcher (Sponsor) is the final defense between you and the Hitter. So what happens if you are given the Signal for the Fastball and you throw the Slider? Well depending on the type of Hitter (Prospect) he may just knock the Ball (The Pitch) right out of the Park. Well that goes to show you that you can not win if you are not reading the Signals correctly.

What you have to understand in Business is that you can not just get out there in the World and start the sales process without a true understanding of people. Relationship Building is a Key to Success that allot of us take for granted.

So the next couple of hundred times you get you Pitch Knocked over the Left field wall, ask yourself did I just allow the Prospect to Sale me on “No” or did I just Get the Prospect to give me a “Yes”.

Thank You,
Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

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