iLearning Global cancels MLM program, goes traditional

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Business, Networking

Picture 20iLearning Global, a personal development company with a “faculty” including Brian Tracy, Alex Dey, Dr. Tony Alessandra and Sandy Botkin, gave its distributors 30-day notice on March 17 that it will be terminating the network marketing model.

The letter stated in part, “While giving the networking model every possible chance to survive and thrive it simply is not working as a value either for customers or for marketers. The Board of Directors has determined that the best way for the corporation to achieve its goals of delivering transformational training to the world is to move to a more traditional retail and corporate sales model …”

Seasoned industry types are commenting all over the Internet that this move is not surprising since iLearning Global had stated in its policies and procedures that it reserved the right to “terminate all Marketer Agreements upon 30 days notice if the Company elects to.” Why would a company do that if it didn’t have that in mind all along the commentators ask. One even said he’d been in two such company situations before. He said, “Traditionally personal development network marketing opportunities have a life cycle of rapid growth, a change in compensation structure, and then finally either closure or the complete removal of referral compensation structure all together.”


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