What is United and Why are We Not

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Business

Greetings Readers,

This is Marc Turner with a Post from the Past.

It want to Share this With you and I want you To Pass this on to All those in Your Business Teams,and New Prospects. Storm, this is Marc and I want to Give you My Thoughts. I want to make sure that You and Everyone on this Site understands that What I have Been Blessed With in this Business is the Ability to Grow . But I can not do this Alone. I am Asking you to Talk with all Your People that You have Exposed because now is the Time To Step up and Find People that Understand if We do not Get together Now , There is Going to Be a lot of Troubles Along the Way.

We all Live in this World Not to Fight With Each other, But to Help Each other Grow. There are New Generations That are Counting on us to Show them a Better Way of Living and We are all Selfish. You, Me and All those that we Meet. How Can will Live in the United States If We Are Not ” United”. Get up off that High Horse that You Believe Makes you Better Than the Next. This is Our Time. Life for others has to Change. Is it not Worth

Fighting for, Is it Not Worth Dying For? When We Rise in the Morning what Is the First thing that Needs To happen. I want to Give all my Praise to “HIM” that knows what I have asked for. I as For the Ability to Relay His Words and Use Me as an Instrument to Give you and Everyone Around Me “HOPE”. Give it Your all at all that You Do. We are Not going to Make it If We Do not UNITE.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – MoneyTrain Technology

Cell: 706-505-0583

Web: http://www.moneytraintech.com


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