The Four Main Reasons You’re Struggling To Build Your Business Online…

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Business, Networking

1.  Your Upline. No offense to you upline but they’re still using old school sales and prospecting techniques and this is what they’re telling you to do.  But here’s the thing, we’re not really in the sales and prospecting business, we’re in the marketing business.  Sales and prospecting is for salesman and you may be an amazing salesman and more power to you, but most of us have a hard time with it.  Yes you can have some success with these techniques, and some have outstanding success, but the fact is that it really only works for about 3% of people who get into this business.  The other 97% of us are left struggling to reach a full time income.  And this leads us into reason number

2.  Your business opportunity.  No I’m not saying it’s not a great business opportunity. What I’m saying is that most people promote their business opportunity which falls right into what their uplines have taught them to do and this is their first and biggest mistake when marketing online. Here’s why.  Once you get online, especially on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and you start hammering away at promoting your  business you’re basically saying that you are a sales rep, I am a salesman.  And nobody really likes a salesman.  Nobody wants to go to a big party and listen to a sales pitch.  If this is what you’re doing on these sites then that’s exactly the position you’re putting yourself into.  So if you’re wondering why you’re not getting any sign-ups, why you’re not getting any leads or any interest at all after spending hours of posting links on different websites and different social networks promoting your business opportunity this is why.  You simply cannot go online and start promoting your  business.  It’s the quickest way to go broke and waste a ton of time in the process.  But there is some good news.  There’s a strategy to go about promoting your business opportunity and it’s very backwards from what you’re already know and are thinking but it’s very important to be successful with this industry.

3.  OK, so you’re online and you now understand some of the strategies so you start promoting your business, but unfortunately you are struggling with a lack of LEADS.  For most  business owners who try and bring their business online, this is the main problem.  They may be generating may 1, 2, or even 5 leads a day but what’s really needed to make 5 figures a month, 6 figures annually, marketing your  business online you need to generate on average 25 leads/day.  Most people won’t tell you that.  They just want to sign you up and get your money, but I’m going to tell you right now that if you’re not generating 20-25 leads/day on average then you’re not going to bring in any profit in your  business.  This needs to be your number one focus.

4.  This leads us to our 4th reason, a lack of marketing training.  If you’re not generating 25 leads/day then you simply haven’t received the correct and proper marketing training.  You don’t know how to use the most effective marketing strategies.

Want a simple step by step blue print that addresses all of these major problems and can get you started marketing your business the right way to make you extremely profitable?

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