This is the New Wave in Telecom

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Business, Technology

Hello Partners,

Please forgive me for anyone who thinks this is spamming but I would appreciate your assistance. Recently, one of my business partners is experiencing difficulty in sales for his promotion. I am personally offering one of our VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) products for free this month so that he can receive his qualification. I have learned that anything in this world that you want, you have to first get what others want. I will receive my blessings in many forms as i have before from the CREATOR. What I’m offering is:

1. DTA Box (about $80 to order): This box is connected through your broadband internet via your home phone to place calls for $24.95 per month unlimited calling  . It is also mobile to be used in Hotels (wifi connection is in 98% of hotels) for travel. You basically can take your home phone with you with this box (area code info is inside the box).
2. Cu3000 Video Phone ($249.99/ about $330.00 with delivery and tax to order): This Voip videophone is the best on the market. Do we use home phones? NO, bust most of us have a land line from our carriers paying more than $29.95 per month. But for $29.95 per month you can place calls like your landline phone but this is wireless wifi. Which means you can go to McDonalds (wifi) and never miss business calls, conference 3way video calling and visual, and surf the net…all for that price. If you dont like to be seen, there is a privacy option.

This is a 1st come first serve basis…i will announce the winner of the first responder. AGAIN THIS IS NO SCAM! You can even decide to re-sell the product if you like…wherever the DTA box or videophone travels…so does the number. We are changing the way the world communicates. You are at the right place at the right time. Most-likely this will happen again next month so stay tuned!

for more info goto to see for yourself. to see our company.

Take care and God Bless you all!

Good luck to our Winner

Marc Turner – MoneyTrain Technology

Cell: 706-505-0583


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