Thoughts of Your Future – Today

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Real Life, Your Lifestyle

Greetings Readers,

Marc Turner with an awesome Question. What are your Thoughts of the Future. What do you see yourself doing and how are you going to get there.

After looking back at the Past few years and understand that how people think it really puts you in a state of Emergency. So many still holding on to the Past and yet not looking toward the Future. What causes people to want to be stuck in the Past. Well that is a pretty simple answer – Fear of the Future and a Fear of letting go and changing.

Lets see if you can follow the understanding of the Future. Everything is becoming Digitized and restructured in ways that make life for convenient for all people to live faster lives. Information and technology have advanced and allot of people are not educated enough to see that the Future is changing the Way we live.

Ever think of how you will be working in the Future. No more getting into your Car to get to work when you can work from home. Allot of people still believe in the Brick on Brick camps known as the Work Place. Those that are ready for change will be the Ones that will Build our Future.

Upon my Time overseas – I noticed that the Young people had a drive greater than America and that is what I believe gives them the Edge in Technology(10 years ahead) and business since. Education lacks so much in the US and we always want more. Well the Biggest issue that we have as Americans is being Complacent. Feeling that we are Secure in or Jobs and that we can Retire from those old Buildings known as Jobs.

Security lies within your Mindset and not the Job – The Building is Secure but your Place in that Building is Not. Lack of the Future knowledge that we must acquire will cause us all to stay in the Same Positions that we are in unless we are willing to change.

Moving Forward is what Makes this Country so Great yet so little and so few take advantage of Opportunity when they are afford to us. College education only teaches you the Basics to a Trade or skill that will only take you so far. So what is it that makes so many flock to the same systems that are failing around them –  Desperation and lack of Knowledge. Even the Most educated people in the World are not the Smartest because of the Lack of Common Since.

Look around you and see the Warning Signs and never become a Victim of your Surroundings. Do not Buy into the Environment or those that are not living the Lifestyle that you want to live – Even those that are not their yet want more and those are the People that you want to surround yourself by. Your Future is not Secure if you are living on singular thinking.Be open to change and never live in Fear – It is the Fear that will Cause you to stay in the Same situation that you are in now.

Thank You,

Marc Turner – moneytrain technology

Cell: 706-505-0583


  1. Shuronica says:

    Security lies within your mindset and not your job…I Love IT! Very well said

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