Never Do Out of Desperation

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Business

Good Morning Readers,

This is Marc Turner and I wanted to share some Vital information with you about Start a Business( Home Based) and what you Really Do Not want to Do.

Never Start a Home Based Business out of Desperation!!!!!

The Reason that I am saying this is because most people who Start ( Or Never Start ) a Home Based Business is Because of a Need to succeed Well this is all good but the Key to doing Business is to Supplement Monies that have been or Maybe Lost.

Let me say this again and really break it down. If you are going to start a Home Based Business and you have no J.O.B. or some Rich Relative that is Going to Support you then you may want to wait.

When people start something because they have already lost, usually they can not finish because of lack of funding. Business no matter how Big or Small takes Capitol and it Takes Time.

If you are going to go into Business to ” Get Rich Quick”, then you need to really just find you a J.O.B. – The Job is to give you a living, while Business Ownership is Set for you to Develop Skills and Wealth over a Period of Time. This is what most People do not Understand when it comes to Business – Big or Small.

So if you find that you are trying to do something and then you wait until you have nothing, then the best thing to do is just wait, Learn from the mistakes that so many others have done before you – Then when the Time and Money is Right, That is when you want to make sure that you are Truly prepared to Start a Home Based Business.

Thank you,

Marc Turner – MoneyTrain Technology


Business: 678-288-5015



  1. Excellent point, Marc! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Korya Ames says:

    that was very enlightening and it is so refreshing hear the truth. I am inspired Mr Turner

    • marcturner says:

      Thank You and I hope that I can continue to stay Linked in with you. Make sure that you com back and Read more post as I would like to see more information from You as Well.

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