Treating Your Business Like a J.O.B. – Learn To Master You

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Business, Online Marketing

This is Marc Turner and I wanted to share a Thought with you all that are Currently in a Direct Sales Business but are truly not Growing your Business.

Most people that Start out in Direct Sales really do not understand Business because of the Long Term Mindset they have developed for the Job they currently maintain.

We all have gone through it and some really never change. When you look at your Job, here are some of the Factors that we can all relate to.

1. You know what Time you have to be at work

2. You know what has to be done when you are at work

3. You understand the Hours that you have to “Give” in order to get a certain Pay.

4. You know when you can take a Lunch Break (and for how long)

5. You know what time you get off

6. And most important, You know when the Weekend Begins and Ends

Well these same Principles are why so many people in Direct Sales Never Win. You have to think of your Business as You would think of your Job.

Here is what you need to do in order to Grow in your Business or Opportunity. Make the Business as just as important as the Job but, Make a Mindset Change.

If you understand your comp plain and you understand that Working and studying are involved to become successful, then you can make forward progress in any business that you are in.

Remember that it takes time to master business just like when you started your J.O.B.
You also need to make sure that you Study “New Avenues of Approach”

The Biggest Difference is, the Job you had to master to learn how to do certain things and you did not learn them in one day. You are not a Millionaire at your J.O.B. and also there is little room for people at the Top at Your Job.

In Your Business, the more you learn and know then the more that you can grow not just your Business but Yourself. Everything takes Time to Learn and Master – But you have to keep Studying to remain Knowledgeable(Very Important)

I want to thank you all and I hope that I do see you all at the TOP!!!!

Thank You,
Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

  1. Fredrick Mburu says:

    Hi big brother how are you doing i just logged to the site moneytraintech and i just loved it so much i believe this is where i belong and with your help ill make it.

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