Is the Job Like Crack ? Or any other Addictive Drug

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Your Lifestyle

This is Marc Turner and I was thinking of Something because Of what I say.

Are people addicted to their Jobs like Crack?

There is a reason why I am asking this Question. A series of  events that I have viewed several times during these hard times has made me believe that Jobs are like Crack to those that only know Jobs and not Plan”B” with the job.

A young lady I have known for years was Recently released from a 15 year Job that she had come to Depend on. My Family noticed her walking around and scratching her Head, shaking and talking to herself. it made me to believe that she was having symptoms of crack use and was coming off a Quick Fix.

Once we approached her and tapped her on the shoulder, it reminded me of a movie that I say with Samuel Jackson playing a Crack head back in the day.The worst part of the situation was,what was said next.

I asked her what was going on with her and why she looked so nervous? She then proceeded to tell me that her Job of 15 years had given her a Pick Slip and she had nothing to show for it but a lifestyle that she could not afford without that  Job.

You know how the Story goes – Single mother, 3 kids -2 in College and one more about to head off. This really disturbed me because it was the same cycle that I have been seeing for a while since this Financial Crisis that we have been.

The Biggest Question that I ask myself is why is it that so many people are not planning for this. Why are so many still believing  that Job Security still exist?

Well the Answer is in the Same way we Observe a person that is having withdrawals from Crack. The Job has to be in place for People(those that are secure in their Skins). They only Believe in this system and the masses are still looking for the same system that has let them Down.

So few know that the only security that we have is in Business Ownership but, so many do not. The Reasons for this is because of lack on knowledge and the trust of old ways.

What does it take to have people start shifting their Mindsets? What will it take for so many to start to understand that there is change coming and it is happening faster than ever.

The more that we start to understand that we are all in danger of not being secure, the faster people will start to understand that we have to start making a Mindset Shift Towards Wealth.

Marc Turner – Moneytrain Technology

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