Coco Pebbles Vs Generic Pebbles

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Business, Networking, Online Marketing

Good Morning Readers,

This is Marc Turner with something to make you Really Think about you Business.

Think of this for one moment and make sure that you read it all and take it in.

When you are shopping in the Store for you Favorite Brand of Cereal ( Brand is Key) and you get to the Cereal Isle, you come across you favorite Brand Name Cereal. You look a the Box and you can relate to the Characters of your Childhood and you know that this is the Best Brand and you will never change.

Now check this out – Right next to the Brand Name ( Remember Brand is Key) there is a Generic Version of your Favorite Cereal. You really never pay attention to it because you could care less about it.

Now lets take it further to really test your knowledge of your Cereals – Coco Pebbles – If you do not know this Cereal then where have you been – You know that there is always that Generic Version that is there and it looks similar in many ways but, have you ever tried it?

Well check this out – If you took those same two brands of Cereal and put them in Bowls and tasted them – Most of the Time you could not Tell the Difference. This is why Branding is so important is your Business.

If you all look the Same with your Business then why would someone pick you as a Leader over someone else?

This is the Reason why Branding Yourself is Very Important.

To be able to attract people to you and your Business/Opportunity you have to be able to Stand out as the Brand name that people associate with when it comes to you.

I hope that this makes it easier for you all to understand the Importance of separating yourself from the masses and makes you Truly think of what you want for the Future of your Business – Online and Offline.

Marc Turner – Moneytraintechnology


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