So Your Business is Doing Great – So How is Your Business Doing?

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Business, Networking, Online Marketing

Good Day Readers,

This is Marc Turner and I want to ask Everyone a Very serious and Understandable Question –

Why is it when you talk to a Person in Business that is not Doing so well and then you ask them “How is your Business Doing”, they say this – Business is doing Great – When you know that their Business is not doing so Great?

Lets go back and Break that Down – The Company is Doing Great but how is YOUR Buisness DOing – Most of the Time out of Pride, People instead of asking for help and looking for another Avenue of Approach will rather make you believe that they are doing well all the Time – Well that is not true.

We all go through it and so will You. So when you are being open with people that are in the Same Industry that you are make sure that you check this out – If you are doing so well then that means that you are a Master Trainer –

If your business is Doing so well then you have just Surpassed your Job income –

If you are just getting Started – Then you Truly need to start asking Questions of Leadership

And if you are Leadership – Start Training on the New ways of Building Business.

We all want to be Free but what happens is that we get so caught up in Pride that we fail to say the Truth – What is Your Truth – If you are making things happen why Not share the Master Key To Riches.

Look inside of you and Give Value not a Pitch – Give a hand and not a Hand Out – And for the Life of everyone in Business – Never ever let anyone ( Family,Friends…) Tell you what you can not do because they Would not.

Thank You

Marc Turner – (

You are thr Leader – So whats stopping you Dream

  1. nigne says:

    thans for great sharing

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