Know Your Comp Plan and Your Business

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Networking, Online Marketing

This is Marc Turner,

What is it that Really hurts you in Business? Do you Truly understand your Business and your Comp Plan?

These are Questions that you need to ask yourself before you start out in Business. Direct Sales

Network Marketing is a method of distribution and compensation that has been utilized in the United States for over 50 years and which is now spreading across the world. The Direct Selling Association (DSA), based in Washington, DC, represents the Network Marketing industry. The DSA has existed for more than 100 years.

There are in excess of 1,000 Network Marketing firms that distribute over $100 billion a year in goods and services. It is estimated that eight to ten million Americans are either part-time or full-time distributors. Tens of millions more are customers.

The myth

Network Marketing does not work. The big guys make all the money off the little guys.

Well, Network Marketing DOES work. What usually does not work is a particular company, product or distributor. You must decide for yourself whether you work or your chosen company works or the product works.

Let’s consider the concept of big guys versus little guys. Usually the people who perpetuate this myth are those who define fairness in terms of everyone receiving the same benefits regardless of their contribution or effort.

In Network Marketing, the people who attract, train and motivate the most people earn the most money. If you sell/consume $100 worth of product yourself each month, plus you build an organization of 100 people who do the same, you will earn a great deal more-100 times more than the person who only sells/consumes $100 per month. Now, that’s fairness! Why should someone earn as much as you if they’re not making the same effort that you are?

What is a pyramid?

It is an organizational structure where the people at the top make more money than those beneath them. This describes every conventional company in existence! The problem with the conventional company is this: there exists a structure whereby the CEO generates income from the efforts of each person below, but those workers do not have the opportunity to earn as much as, or more than, the CEO.

Have you ever heard of a general worker [GW] who makes more than the CEO or the General Manager [GM]? Does middle management ever make more than the company’s senior management does? Not typically! The old model just isn’t fair for those underneath. No matter what their effort, they can never make more than those above them can. The pyramid is not equitable.

In Network Marketing however, you are building an income from the production of everyone in your organization whether you directly sponsored [a sponsor is one who recruits and trains another distributor.] them or not. Each person in your organization can do the same, so now you have created a situation where everyone has the same amount to gain. It’s the fairest structure available because everyone can create exactly the same situation. And in fact, due to the nature of Network Marketing, people under you can and do in some cases, earn more than you simply because they can access levels that you cannot. Everyone can reach down into their organization the exact same number of levels. If someone has created more volume in their levels than you have in yours, and some of those levels are beyond your ability to reach them, that person can actually make more than you can, even though they are UNDER you!

This makes it the absolute FAIREST system available because it compensates people based on their contributions and efforts, not based on where they fall in the system. Once again, why should someone earn as much as you if they’re not making the same effort that you are?

Can it work?

The best way to make network marketing work is to learn and duplicate the same methods, tested and tried by those who have achieved success using them.

There are New Methods are Avaliable as long as you are willing to Change with the Times – Online marketing allows you to Break Down Borders that you may have never thought about. – All the Secrets to Online Marketing are at your Finger Tips. is a good resource because some of the big names in the network marketing arena (e.g. Don Failla, Dr. Joe Rubino, Len Clements, Lisa Jimenez, Tom “Big Al” Shreiter, Michael Clouse, et al) give straight answers when they were given a real-life challenge ie. how will they carry out their prospecting strategies if they have to build their business from scratch, if all their downlines were taken away from them.


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