Work Centeredness – By Marc Turner

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Your Lifestyle

Good Morning Readers,

First I want to thank you all for being Friends and I wanted to maks sure that I share this Awesome Story with you all.

Work -centered People May become “Workhlics”, driving themselves to produce at the sacrifice of health,relationships, and other improtant areas of their Lives.

The Reason for this is because their fundemental identity comes from their work – ” I’m a Doctor”, I’m a Writer”, “I’m a Actor”.

Because their identity ad sense of self – worth are wrapped up in their Work (J.O.B.) their security i vulnerable to anything that happens to prevent then from continuing in it.

This means that their guidance is a function of the dmands of a J.O.B. Their wisdon and Power come in the limited areas of their work, rendering them ineffecti ve in other areas of Life.

People in a Nut Shell – When you have only one Skill in this New Century 21 –  Then you are Truly Dooming yourself to Failure if anything where to happen your Primary Skill.

Always Remember that you need to have more than one skill.

Thank You,
Marc Turner – CEO – Moneytrain Tech


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