A Life Changing Moment – By Marc Turner

Posted: May 10, 2010 in Real Life, Your Lifestyle

Good Morning Readers,

I hope everyone had an Awesome Mothers Day and a Happy Weekend –

This is a story that I want to make sure that I write due to the Fact that people are truly walking Blind and can not see the Changes that are happening Around them.

Before the Week Ended, I visited old Friends to see how things had been Going since I left the work force. Now understand this, My former job was not the Best environment to work in but, it was what I had to do at the Time to help the Growth of my Business. What I say next really hurt my Heart. My former J.O.B. (where I worked 2 years) had truly went down. People that I had grown to know had Either died from disease or poor health, some looked tired from trying to make ends meet and some just gave up on their Dreams and had Settled for what they can get.

This was crazy to look at as I thought in my Mind but what really hurt me the Most was a former employee that I could not even identify – Drugs and Stress had taken away all her hopes and Dreams. She came to me and Gave me the Biggest Hug in the World and I still could not recognize who she was until she called my Name. This shocked me and I really had to stare to put the Voice to the Face. Let me tell you this, It made me step back and Truly look at who I had been working around. People that had truly just let all of there Hopes and Dreams vanish.

I have had Nightmares all weekend about the Visions of my past and finally realized the True Reason I am Building an online business – I started this Business so that I would never lose focus and to be able to help others. Then I also realized that not all people can be helped and I can not save the world- Not Alone Anyway.

Life of working for someone and then being able to Retire after 40 years is not the Dream I invision for anyone but, Most will settle just for that. I use to say there is nothing wrong with that Mindset – Well that has changed – What is truly wrong with this form of thinking is that you Settle. Once you get into that Mindset you truly lose the Ability to become your own Master and Commander. Some people who will Read this will be offended and that is ok but, I hope that you read this anyway and it starts to make you really look at your life and lifestyle and understand that you are not Living the Life that you always wanted.

I always say people need to wake up. Wake Up!!!!! Teachers and Lawyers and Nurses and all Jobs are not secure. opportunity is a word that we always say when it comes to Networking with people and trying to get people into our Programs. Well here is the Kicker, Not all people are going to Be Proactive when it comes Your opportunity – People do not get into Business for You – They Get into Business because of a Need and mindset change that has happened due to the Changing World. Or something has changed in their lives where they are Truly looking for something to help them out of what situation that has a happened to them.

As a Former Marine, I always thought that life was Truly easy and that nothing could stop me. Well that is not true – Life can give you a wake up call very fast. When you are used to living a Certain way, that is what you are accustomed to and you think things are going to never change. Then you have a event that changes that, it is Like you have to be able to adapt and overcome and fight to get that Once Great lifestyle back.

Listen I know that this is running on but let’s get to the Point!!! You are able to change your Life if you choose to. It is up to the People, that are open and for you to Find those people and show them a way that could Better their Lifestyles. Also this is an Important key into everything that you do – Stop just Recruiting people for your Business and Never Connect with Them.  Become a Sponsor and Mentor to them. The Military Recruits then Mentors. People Recruit and expect for New People to Learn on their on. Remember that some will get offended by this.

Never lose Focus on what you are Building for and remember that all people are not looking for a Change and believe that they could never be effected by their Surroundings – Make sure that you all stay Proactive and Not Reactive.

I want to thank you all that Read this Post – Allot of you are going to Comment – Be it Negative or Positive So be it!!! But, once you start typing what ever you are going to say, think about the words that you are typing and why you are typing. Think about are these Words of a Proactive Person or a Reactive Person – If you truly do not know the Difference between the two, Go to the Store or online and Ready Steven Conveys – the 7Habits of Highly Effective People – Then come back and Make an Educated comment.

Thank you all,

Marc Turner

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