Labor Force Polarized as Middle-Skill Jobs Disappear: Report

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Business, Your Lifestyle

This is Marc Turner and I have an Awesome wake Call for Everyone!!!!!

Why have middle-skilled jobs declined?

 Changes in technology, international trade, and the off-shoring of jobs all play a part.

Continued By – Ruth Mantell – 

Middle-skills jobs have lost share in the employment pool in the last three decades, a trend of labor-market “polarization” reinforced by the recession, according to a report released Friday.

“Employment losses during the recent recession were far more severe in middle-skill white and blue-collar jobs than in either high-skill, white-collar jobs or in low-skill service occupations,” according to the report by economist David Autor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that was presented at a Washington conference about the future of American Jobs.

Continued By Marc Turner

People, this is what is happening in the World “Change”. We as individuals  understand that things are changing but, Allot of people are not willing to change(97%). This is amazing to know because of the fact of the Internet, Computers and various other things that make life more Better.

As a self-employed person, I see that a lot of people are truly blind when it comes to becoming ” The Boss”. Walk in Fear , Talk in Fear, Live ,Eat and Sleep in Fear(97%).

What is happening that 3% of people in the World that we consider to be wealthy and continuing to Grow their Wealth More than Ever. How? They look and See Beyond what the 97% fail to See. The Future is Now and they are Changing the Mindset and looking for the Next Thing.

When it comes down to the End of the Day, there will be a change in the System. The Ultimate question is this, ” Are you willing to Change”. Are you willing to have Faith in You and not your J.O.B.


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