New Cuts will Effect Sports Programs

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Networking, Your Lifestyle

This is Marc Turner,

Say the News Tonight – It seems that a lot of people are fighting for their schools and they are coming out by the Hundreds to support and Protest against the The GA school System – People it is like this, we are in the whole and a lot of people are going to be without Jobs and until enough people wake up and have a Shift in Thinking, then it will continue to get worst.

We all need to help our schools but the way that this is going to happen is we need to Find a System ( not the one that got us here) that will change they way of the Future. People that deny that the World is Changing will continue to make the same Mistakes and the people who will pay for this will be Or Children and our Children’s Children’s.

Food For Thought.


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