What is the World? – By Marc Turner

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Your Lifestyle

Good Morning Readers,

    This is Marc Turner and I hate to break bad early in the Morning but this is what it is. Business are failing, the system is in trouble (Remember this Word ,System). In Atlanta the Marta system seems to be having issues. People are still out of work. People that are not open will continue to follow a (Here comes the WORD Again) Broken System.

  People this is what I will tell you all. Some will wake up and some won’t. If you can see that the same system that you are following is not working, then why do people continue to do the same things? Creatures of Habit. If you want to be poor – Hang with poor people (Not Just Money Poor) that have a poor mindset. If you want to be Rich( Not just Money) hang with people who are of a Wealthy Mindset.

People its Time. I know that I say this allot and that is why I love Doing this Blog. I will not put Sugar on anything anymore. You all will need to wake up and start looking at your Futures. If you don’t know what to do, Making a Mindset change, Read and stop doing what 97% of average people continue to do.

Thank You,

Marc Turner

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