What Happens When you Never Take Risk

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Good Evening all,

   This is Marc Turner and I want to ask a Question to all my Readers. What Happens in Life when you never take a Chance on You. You may say what am I talking about. Well I am not talking about if you go get education and work for someone, I am talking about becoming your own Boss.

   I love to ask people this question because it opens the Mindset to all things that are possible. Life is so short and I always believe that People are worth more than a 9-5. It has always been more of thinking Outside the Box with me so Now what about You.

  Each day when I wake up I look at my mate and I know that we do not think alike, probably why business not moving as fast as I want. That is ok because it takes me to work that much Harder in order to get things done. I really don’t want to keep going on about me but the point is that you are your own Master and Commander. Stop just living for a 9-5. Start Living a Life where you are the Boss and you Control Your Time!!!!!

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