Whats New in Technology

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Technology

Good Day to all,

          This is Marc Turner with some News in Technology. I want to make sure that we look at some rumors that have been going on With Apple and the  News that there could be a Iphone Created and Launched on Verizon. Well I can tell you that It may happen because of the High Demand for a Iphone type platform for Verizon but, Do not wait to long.

       As long as Apple can Continue to Profit from AT&T, then that is what they are going to do and make all those that are waiting ” Wait”. This is a Great move for one of the best phones of its time. Now from what I can tell you, there are new applications that are launching for the Iphone that will allow Customers to lower the price on the overall Cost of Services. Downloads that will allow Iphone users to have all the same functions for 50% of the cost.

     There are too many people creating software and with the Cellphone towers becoming a thing of the Past and Digital becoming  norm, then there are going to be a lot of changes that people are not going to be Ready for. Hey that is ok, there is always someone who is going to see the opportunity to cash in and Make more than the Average would because of an Open Mindset.

       So, Next time you are talking with someone who is younger than you and wonder how this is possible for someone half your age to have so much success in what they do, it may just be or have something to do with the New Tech that they understand that has the Power to change the World.


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