UGA budget idea include silencing WUGA, laying off 1,400, closing 4-H

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

The University of Georgia would lay off 1,418 people, including 543 non-contract faculty slots, eliminating not just jobs but entire departments under a draconian budget-cutting plan submitted to state legislators this afternoon.

UGA financial planners also propose to reduce the size of the student body by 1,500 next fall, cutting the number of freshmen admitted next fall by 500 and incoming transfer students by 1,000.

Slated for closing: 4-H programs, half the Cooperative Extension offices in the state, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and public radio station WUGA-FM (91.7).

One in four custodial workers would lose their jobs, as would dozens of administrators.

University System of Georgia Chancellor Erroll Davis last week ordered the budget-trimming plans from UGA and 34 other public colleges and universities after state legislators told the chancellor to draw up a plan to slash an additional $300 million from the university system’s budget of about $2.2 billion.

The Georgia General Assembly faces a revenue shortfall of up to $1 billion in the upcoming 2011 fiscal year, and legislative leaders are looking to the university system to reduce spending to help close the gap between revenue and expenses.

UGA’s share of the cuts comes to nearly $60 million, about 14 percent of the state portion of UGA’s budget. UGA had already planned cuts of $44 million for next year. The university got about $421 million from the state last year. Most of the rest of UGA’s revenue comes from student tuition and fees.


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