Disappearing Jobs – 10 Job Sectors in Decline -by Margaret Steen, for Yahoo! HotJobs

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized


People in almost every profession may feel like jobs are scarce right now. For many industries, this is a temporary situation. But jobs in some fields are expected to continue disappearing even after the economy picks up.
Is your industry on the decline? The federal government projects that a number of industries will lose jobs from 2008 to 2018.
“You can’t sit around and wait for news to come out about what’s going to happen to your industry,” said Alexandra Levit, author of “New Job, New You.” “You have to be proactive about this.”
Here’s a list of the top 10 industries expected to lose the most jobs by 2018 — and what to do if you’re working in one of them:    1. Department stores: Projected to lose 10.2 percent of the 1.56 million jobs they had in 2008.     2. Semiconductor manufacturing: Projected to lose 33.7 percent of the 432,000 jobs it had in 2008.     3. Motor vehicle parts manufacturing: Projected to lose 18.6 percent of its 544,000 jobs.     4. Postal service: Projected to lose 13 percent of the 748,000 jobs it had in 2008.   5. Printing and related jobs: Projected to lose 16 percent of its 594,000 jobs.     6. Cut-and-sew apparel manufacturing: Projected to lose 57 percent of its 155,000 jobs.       7. Newspaper publishers: Projected to lose 24.8 percent of its 326,000 jobs.      8. Mining support jobs: Projected to lose 23.2 percent of its 328,000 jobs.              9. Gas stations: Projected to lose 8.9 percent of its 843,000 jobs.       10. Wired telecom: Projected to lose 11 percent of its 666,000 jobs

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