Getting to those that are Qualified…By Marc Turner

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Business, Networking

Good Day,

    This is Marc Turner and I want to share with you all information on how to find a person that is qualified to make money.

When you are dealing with people who have an open mindset, always take the time to hear their words. When you find people who are Qualified to make money, usually they are not. They are most of the time certified to Earn Money. This means that they have a skill that is used day-to-day in exchange for the dollars of someone elses fortune.

People that are Qualified understand the Value behind a Dollar and understand that dollars are needed to create more dollars. Take the Time to hear a person to understand the needs and wants in their lives and never get upset with someone who does not see what you do. Most people are consumers and want to find a product that will make their lives more easier.

Think of how you want to be treated and understand that everyone is not meant to be Wealth or Rich. 97% of People will never understand in their lifetime that they need to Create Cash Flow in order to live a Better Lifestyle.

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