Home Business Tax Savings

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Congress has told the IRS to give thousands of dollars in Tax Refunds and Deductions to ANYONE who has a small or home based business now, OR who had one at anytime in the past 3 years. You probably qualify!

Home Based BusinessPeople who run a small or home based business now qualify for a greater array of tax deductions than any other category of taxpayer! Even the super-rich, with their high-priced tax lawyers, can’t get the tax breaks that YOU can, simply by operating a “side-business” that may take you only a small amount of time to run.

Tax Deductions Authorized by Congress

Congress wants to encourage taxpaying Americans just like YOU to have a home based business because it is good for the overall U.S. economy. They’ve passed legislation that allows HUGE tax breaks to encourage your success. They’ll even let you take tax deductions on losses from your home-based business, even year after year, as long as you are actively and legitimately pursuing a profit.

Small Business is the Backbone of the Economy

70% of the U.S. job growth is coming from small businesses, and Congress is “betting” that some of you will hit on a winner, strike it rich, and, then, pay a LOT in taxes. Of course you won’t mind paying a lot in taxes if you’re making a boatload of profits, right?

You may even qualify for these tax deductions retroactively! Most of the tax deductions and legitimate write-offs now available to taxpayers who run a small or home based business, also apply to the past 3 tax years.

Stop Overpaying Your Taxes

In order to ensure that you don’t miss some large deductions that could save you a great deal of money, it is wise to consult with an income tax professional so that you don’t miss any of commonly missed tax deductions.


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